Farming with an Electric Vehicle?

Bekka & David Corrie Close

Polaris UK & Ireland has joined forces with a pioneering farming scheme, The Horned Beef Company, supplying one of the brand’s innovative Ranger EV 4X4 vehicles to assist the project that has seen support both at local and national level.

Established by Cumbrian husband and wife, David and Bekka Corrie Close, The Horned Beef Company is a unique scheme set-up with the support of their local community in a bid to create a sustainable approach to cattle farming, grazing on land in areas where no crops will grow.

Supported by the National Trust, the Prince’s Countryside Fund, the RSPCA and Cumbrian Wildife Trust, the aim was to create an innovative business approach to sustainable, ecologically sound farming, land management and nature conservation, moving from local land scattered here and there, to a National Trust tenancy of a hundred and fifty acres near Kendal. On top of this, the duo have a number of other sites in five locations where cattle are grazed periodically through the year. In all, they are caring for around 1000 acres of National Trust land.

The Polaris Ranger EV, launched as the world’s first true 4X4 electric vehicle fits perfectly with the Horned Beef Company’s aims and ethos. The advantages of electric power coupled with its off-road abilities make it the ideal vehicle for managing the areas around David and Bekka’s base, moving feed and generally tending the cattle. It’s an ecological blend with the countryside, non-polluting, silent, and requiring the absolute minimum servicing.

“It’s an wonderful vehicle,” added David. “Covering the exposed and rough terrain without putting a foot wrong and it seems appropriate to be moving around the landscape without noise. It lives at the farm and for day-to-day work it’s far better than a tractor or big 4X4. We want to explore solar power next for charging the Ranger EV, we already use solar well pumps and we’re keen to expand it as a power source.”

Before the arrival of the Ranger EV the couple were moving hay bales on foot, it being the only way they could get the food across the hilly terrain.

Polaris Britain National Sales Manager, Ben Murray, commented: “We were truly inspired with what David and Bekka are doing at the Horned Beef Company. It’s great to see such a unique approach to farming and in many ways the Ranger EV shares a similar approach. We’re confident that Ranger EV is the most suitable and ecologically sound choice for their farm.”

The machines are becoming increasingly popular with sales of 4×4 EVs climbing to nearly 100 units per year in the UK. The Polaris Ranger EV is an electric utility vehicle using the same chassis as the popular Ranger Mid Size 570 model. Until you have driven an electric vehicle you truly can’t appreciate the torque and ride that they produce. We hope to see more of these electric utility vehicles being used on farms around Ireland as we see a push towards safer and more environmentally friendly practices. Many farmers we have spoken to use their quads or UTVs only 1-2 hours per day and therefore could really benefit from using an electrical vehicle on their farm. The savings on petrol and maintenance could perhaps outweigh the additional cost of purchasing an Ranger EV. And lets not forgot one of the best parts, the pure silence and tranquility as you breeze around the farm.

Also offering petrol and diesel engines for the RANGER, Polaris celebrated rolling the one-millionth RANGER machine off the production line in 2017 and 2018 marks two decades since the utility vehicle was introduced. Forming a key part of the Polaris product line, the RANGER® is used all over the globe for a variety of tasks.

For more information please email us at or contact us via phone on 053 9422522.

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