UK based United Utilities use Electric Vehicle Fleet by Polaris


Maintenance staff at the Trafford, UK based United Utilities’ (UU) wastewater treatment works are using a fleet of EV Electric Utility Vehicles that run on power generated by the plant itself. The new electric Polaris vehicles replace five diesel vans, and are part of a drive by UU to cut carbon emissions at the site.

The machines are capable of traveling both on pavement and off-road, and the high ground clearance gives an added bonus over the use of conventional vans.

Polaris were the first manufacturer to introduce a competitive electric ATV or off-road vehicle back in 2010. Since then the vehicle has seen upgrades and improvements to bring the machines in line with the newest technologies.

For United Utilities the transition to Electric Utility Vehicles and the Polaris Ranger EV has been seamless.

Each vehicle is able to charge up at its own docking station at Davyhulme’s sludge recycling plant.

Davyhulme area business manager Keith Haslett said: “Davyhulme is a vast site and our engineers need transport to get around. By taking the diesel vans off the road we’ll save around five tonnes of carbon a year. What’s more, with our top speed pre-programmed to 15mph the electric cars mean we have to stick to the site speed limit, helping improve health and safety.”

The treatment works is UU’s biggest plant and will be energy neutral by 2018, with electricity generated on site from the biogas produced by the sludge digestion process. The biogas is used in five combined heat and power engines to generate renewable electricity – up to 80GWh per year.

For Ireland Electric Utility Vehicles too pose a great alternative to the use of conventional vans or 4x4s for all types of business’s that need goods and people moved both in and outdoors on large private or commercial properties. Facilities Maintenance & Management is just one of many applications that Polaris have targeted with their Electric UTVs.

For more info on what the Ranger EV can do for you or your business please contact us on 053 9422522 or email

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Source: Maureen Gaines, Editor, WET News

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