UK based United Utilities use Electric Vehicle Fleet by Polaris


Maintenance staff at the Trafford, UK based United Utilities’ (UU) wastewater treatment works are using a fleet of EV Electric Utility Vehicles that run on power generated by the plant itself. The new electric Polaris vehicles replace five diesel vans, and are part of a drive by UU to cut carbon emissions at the site.

The machines are capable of traveling both on pavement and off-road, and the high ground clearance gives an added bonus over the use of conventional vans.

Polaris were the first manufacturer to introduce a competitive electric ATV or off-road vehicle back in 2010. Since then the vehicle has seen upgrades and improvements to bring the machines in line with the newest technologies.

For United Utilities the transition to Electric Utility Vehicles and the Polaris Ranger EV has been seamless.

Each vehicle is able to charge up at its own docking station at Davyhulme’s sludge recycling plant.

Davyhulme area business manager Keith Haslett said: “Davyhulme is a vast site and our engineers need transport to get around. By taking the diesel vans off the road we’ll save around five tonnes of carbon a year. What’s more, with our top speed pre-programmed to 15mph the electric cars mean we have to stick to the site speed limit, helping improve health and safety.”

The treatment works is UU’s biggest plant and will be energy neutral by 2018, with electricity generated on site from the biogas produced by the sludge digestion process. The biogas is used in five combined heat and power engines to generate renewable electricity – up to 80GWh per year.

For Ireland Electric Utility Vehicles too pose a great alternative to the use of conventional vans or 4x4s for all types of business’s that need goods and people moved both in and outdoors on large private or commercial properties. Facilities Maintenance & Management is just one of many applications that Polaris have targeted with their Electric UTVs.

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Source: Maureen Gaines, Editor, WET News

Polaris Announces Free Half Cab Promotion

Runs until 21 December 2018



Purchase a new 2018 Polaris Ranger Diesel HD EPS EU or Ranger Diesel HD EPS Tractor from selected Polaris dealers between 1 October 2018 and 21 December 2018 to receive a free half cab promotional package.

The half cab promotional package includes

1 x fixed glass windshield
1 x washer/wiper kit
1 x battery connection kit.

(Roof & Rear Screen fitted as Standard)

No cash or credit alternative is available. Non-transferable for other fitments, parts or accessories.

This represents a saving of €1,150 inc VAT. Hurry as this offer runs out on 21 December 2018.

Farming with an Electric Vehicle?

Bekka & David Corrie Close

Polaris UK & Ireland has joined forces with a pioneering farming scheme, The Horned Beef Company, supplying one of the brand’s innovative Ranger EV 4X4 vehicles to assist the project that has seen support both at local and national level.

Established by Cumbrian husband and wife, David and Bekka Corrie Close, The Horned Beef Company is a unique scheme set-up with the support of their local community in a bid to create a sustainable approach to cattle farming, grazing on land in areas where no crops will grow.

Supported by the National Trust, the Prince’s Countryside Fund, the RSPCA and Cumbrian Wildife Trust, the aim was to create an innovative business approach to sustainable, ecologically sound farming, land management and nature conservation, moving from local land scattered here and there, to a National Trust tenancy of a hundred and fifty acres near Kendal. On top of this, the duo have a number of other sites in five locations where cattle are grazed periodically through the year. In all, they are caring for around 1000 acres of National Trust land.

The Polaris Ranger EV, launched as the world’s first true 4X4 electric vehicle fits perfectly with the Horned Beef Company’s aims and ethos. The advantages of electric power coupled with its off-road abilities make it the ideal vehicle for managing the areas around David and Bekka’s base, moving feed and generally tending the cattle. It’s an ecological blend with the countryside, non-polluting, silent, and requiring the absolute minimum servicing.

“It’s an wonderful vehicle,” added David. “Covering the exposed and rough terrain without putting a foot wrong and it seems appropriate to be moving around the landscape without noise. It lives at the farm and for day-to-day work it’s far better than a tractor or big 4X4. We want to explore solar power next for charging the Ranger EV, we already use solar well pumps and we’re keen to expand it as a power source.”

Before the arrival of the Ranger EV the couple were moving hay bales on foot, it being the only way they could get the food across the hilly terrain.

Polaris Britain National Sales Manager, Ben Murray, commented: “We were truly inspired with what David and Bekka are doing at the Horned Beef Company. It’s great to see such a unique approach to farming and in many ways the Ranger EV shares a similar approach. We’re confident that Ranger EV is the most suitable and ecologically sound choice for their farm.”

The machines are becoming increasingly popular with sales of 4×4 EVs climbing to nearly 100 units per year in the UK. The Polaris Ranger EV is an electric utility vehicle using the same chassis as the popular Ranger Mid Size 570 model. Until you have driven an electric vehicle you truly can’t appreciate the torque and ride that they produce. We hope to see more of these electric utility vehicles being used on farms around Ireland as we see a push towards safer and more environmentally friendly practices. Many farmers we have spoken to use their quads or UTVs only 1-2 hours per day and therefore could really benefit from using an electrical vehicle on their farm. The savings on petrol and maintenance could perhaps outweigh the additional cost of purchasing an Ranger EV. And lets not forgot one of the best parts, the pure silence and tranquility as you breeze around the farm.

Also offering petrol and diesel engines for the RANGER, Polaris celebrated rolling the one-millionth RANGER machine off the production line in 2017 and 2018 marks two decades since the utility vehicle was introduced. Forming a key part of the Polaris product line, the RANGER® is used all over the globe for a variety of tasks.

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Join us at the National Ploughing Championships 2018


We’ll be on hand with Polaris demonstrating our latest vehicles in Tullamore, Co Offaly on the 18th, 19th and 20th of September 2018.

Make sure and pop by our stand to view the Polaris Off Road Vehicle Range. As the world leader in Utility Vehicles, and with their new factory recently opened in Opale, Poland the brand is quickly taking a stronghold with increasing sales in the EU and Irish Farming and Commercial Markets.

We’ll be on hand to demonstrate the vehicles and answer any questions you may have.

The National Ploughing Championships is Europe’s largest outdoor exhibition and agricultural trade show.

The National Championships is now no longer just for ploughing or machinery enthusiasts, the modern event now features something for just about every member of the community.These include a Tented Trade Village, a Food Fair, Craft Village, Livestock, Forestry, Education, Lifestyle, Motor Show, Financial Services, Bio Energy and Agri Service. Along with this, there are many entertainment and special events taking place.Some of these include: Fashion Shows, Celebrity Guests, Sheep Dog Trials, Loy Digging, All Ireland Lamb Shearing, Most Appropriately Dressed Lady & Gent Competitions, Craft Demonstrations, Meggers, Celebrity Cookery Demonstrations, Outdoor Radio Broadcasts and much more.
With all this happening, the Championships attracts in excess of over 1,700 exhibitors and up to 291,500 visitors.

Robert Hood Side-by-Side Vehicle Benefits

Interesting Video Promoting UTVs by Australian Govt Agency

Although not Ireland, this is a nice to the point video demonstrating the benefits of Utility Vehicles or “Side-by-Sides”. The Australian Safework NSW Agency is offering rebates of $1,000 on the purchase of new utility vehicles to promote a safer work or farm environment.

Hopefully we’ll see something similar introduced in Ireland under the Farm Safety Scheme. Grants of up to 40% are available for other safety upgrades around the farm, why not apply it to the mode of transport many farmers choose.

Polaris Ranger 20th Anniversary

20 years ranger

20 Years of Innovation


polaris-ranger-timeline-lgTwo decades ago, the RANGER 6×6 vehicle was introduced and revolutionized the side-by-side category.

Mitchell Johnson, son of David Johnson – one of the founders of Polaris, remembers how the initial idea came to be. “We had talked from time-to-time about making a side-by-side ATV for a driver and passenger. One day, Edgar Hetteen [one of our founders] came to my office and said we should make a 6×6 in a side-by-side configuration, he loved the
machine but wanted to ride beside his wife Hannah.”

Four concepts were explored as two important features were debated – ride-in vs. ride-on and handlebar vs. steering wheel. Eventually, the shown concept (left) was selected, with a ride-in and steering wheel design, and ultimately, became the first RANGER.


The first Polaris RANGER side-by-side vehicle was purposefully made to be a 6×6 so it could readily be classified as an off-road vehicle, with a top speed faster than 25 mph.

Good speed, great ride and handling with excellent off-road capability, plus a greater payload than any other utility haulers on the market were all attributes this vehicle needed to have. Most of all, it needed to be a lot of fun to drive and ride like the already popular Sportsman® line.


The mid-2000s brought numerous changes and improvements to the RANGER vehicle.
Comfort was improved with the addition of a dual a-arm rear suspension, and electronic fuel injection became standard for increased convenience and overall ride. The powertrains were also built to be larger, making the RANGER more capable than ever before. Accessories also began to evolve with the introduction of Lock & Ride® box accessories.


After 10 years of RANGER®, the innovations kept coming. Dual a-arm suspension was added to the front of the vehicle and rider ergonomics were improved. Power and capability continued to improve as well with still larger powertrains introduced.




The next level of “Hardest Working. Smoothest Riding.™” came with the introduction of an all-new RANGER XP® 900 platform. The ride was significantly improved to produce the most progressive suspension and smoothest ride with 10″ of class leading travel. The ProStar® 900 engine was introduced with 20% more power. Re-designed ergonomics, an adjustable drivers seat, underseat storage, and a new engine placement made the seating and comfort of the RANGER® top notch. Lastly, with the introduction of the new platform came an unprecedented amount of accessory options, including a full flush-mount cab integration system with Lock & Ride® technology.



More than 100 owner-inspired improvements were made in the completely reimagined Polaris RANGER XP® 1000. It features a more rugged design, next-level in-cab comfort, 82 horsepower, and an industry-leading 2,500 lb towing capacity, 13 in of ground clearance and 11 in of suspension travel. Accessory integration was also taken to the next level with the introduction of the new, premium RANGER Pro Shield™ cab system – proven to have three-times better dust protection than competitive OEM offerings.





Just In: Polaris Ranger 570 EFI




From €8,495 + VAT




226KG Bed Capacity

Can be driven legally on Irish Roads

Full Safety Roll Bar

Optional Half Cab / Full Cab / Doors

On Demand All Wheel Drive

Economical 30MPG

One of the best selling and most affordable UTVs on the Market

Polaris now have a European Factory meaning excellent & rapid supply of parts and accessories

Ranger 570 Brochure
Ranger 570 Video

When Compared to the Kubota RTV900 Dieselkubota-rtv900


With savings of approx €6,500 + VAT, it’s hard not to consider the Ranger 570.

The diesel RTVs are for those who want the closest thing to a tractor, they are a real work horse for heavy towing and tipping. With a low top speed of 25mph and slow hill climbing they may not be for everyone.

We now offer the Ranger as an alternative. The 570 is for someone who a quad could do everything for but just wants the added safety, weather protection & storage room that the Ranger can offer.

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