Polaris Ranger Frame Number Location

Locating Your Polaris Ranger’s VIN or Chassis Number

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your Polaris® UTV is a unique number used to identify your vehicle. It is stamped on the frame of your Ranger.

It is important to provide the correct Vin as Polaris Rangers purchased in Ireland or the United Kingdom (UK) or EU may not be the same as the equivalent machines made for the US market. For example the 2018 Polaris Ranger 1000D Diesel Tail light will be 2 pin on the US built Machine but the same Polaris part on the UK Ranger may be a 3 pin. This is why it is important to have the exact model variation details when purchasing parts which can only be found using the Vin number.

Important: The number will be 17 Digits.

Example: TAPRTED11GK005075

2015 & Newer Models:

LOCATION: Left Rear Wheel Well

Your RANGER’s VIN can be found stamped on the frame. Its exact location varies based on model. Most RANGER vehicles from model year 2015 until present feature a VIN stamp in the left rear wheel well. Exceptions are listed below.

Models Built Prior to 2015

From Series 11 RANGER vehicles (2003) through model year 2014, most RANGER models featured a VIN stamp in the left front wheel well. Exceptions are listed below.

Exceptions to the Above

The VIN for Series 99 and Series 10 RANGER was stamped on the frame rail under the left-hand side cover of the center console.

Series 99

Exceptions to the rule for model year 2015 and newer vehicles include: 2015 RANGER 800 EFI, 2015 RANGER 800 EPS, 2015 RANGER 6×6, 2015 RANGER Diesel HST, 2015 RANGER Diesel HST Deluxe, 2016 RANGER 6×6, 2017 RANGER Diesel HST and 2017 RANGER Diesel HST Deluxe. The VIN on these models can be found in the left front wheel well.

Exceptions to the rule for model year 2014 and older include: 2013 RANGER XP 900, 2014 RANGER 570 EFI, 2014 RANGER 570 EPS, 2014 RANGER Crew 570 EFI, 2014 RANGER Crew 570 EPS, 2014 RANGER XP 900 and 2014 RANGER Crew 900. The VIN on those models can be found in the left rear wheel well. The 2012 RANGER EFI Crew and 2013 RANGER Crew 500 have VIN stamps on the frame below the left rear passenger seat, in front of the left rear tire (as shown below).

VIN stamp

Record your VIN in your Owner’s Manual for easy reference. If you have lost your Owner’s Manual, click here to access it online and download it.

Use the VIN search tool to enter your VIN and find your vehicle’s year, model, warranty status, safety bulletins and more. Click here to use the tool.

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