COMING DECEMBER 2021 – The All-New Full-Size Electric RANGER

“The new electric powertrain will elevate the RANGER platform to a
whole new level of capability, durability and performance.”

– Steve Menneto, President of Polaris Off Road

Polaris revealed plans for its upcoming all-new 2022 RANGER EV. The vehicle will be a full-size 3 seat electric side-by-side utility vehicle featuring an electric powertrain from Zero Motorcycles. This could become a popular alternative for Irish Customers in need of a Powerful 4 wheel Drive Electric Utility Vehicle. At present there is only a very small range of Electric Utility Vehicles in Ireland so this will come as a big boost to Irish Electric Vehicle Dealers.

The new 2022 RANGER EV will be the first electric vehicle developed as part of the new rEV’d up partnership with Zero Motorcycles announced last year.

The exclusive partnership will see Zero’s electric powertrain technology employed in four-wheeled, off-road electric vehicles developed by Polaris. With US Manufacturers such as Tesla already proving to be changing the car industry with their electric models, we could see a similar shift in the ATV & UTV market with Polaris pushing to be at the forefront of Technology in the move to Electrification. We just hope that the Irish Government will soon be able to offer Grants for the use of electric ATVs and Farm vehicles in the near future which may offset the higher costs of electric over the petrol and diesel models currently available.

The company will officially unveil the 2022 RANGER EV in late December of this year.

See below the most recent update from the developments of this Vehicle. We at All Terrain Ireland are very much looking forward to its release, and believe this will be a game changer.

See how this all-new electric RANGER generates instantaneous torque allowing you to handle big jobs like plowing deep snow and towing heavy loads. More horsepower. More torque. All electric.

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