Drive 2 Petrol


Cleaner, smoother, quieter – meet the new Drive2

Yamaha is recognised as being a leading manufacturer of leisure vehicles. 

With its powerful, quiet, smooth-running, low-emission EFI engine and ultra-smooth suspension, the Yamaha Drive² EFI golf car delivers an amazing level of luxury and a relaxing, peaceful ride.

Powered by an extremely efficient – and therefore very economical – 4-stroke engine, the stylish Drive² EFI runs with all the quiet smoothness you would expect from a Yamaha unit and offers a range of other features that help to make it supremely luxurious and relaxing to drive.

With its sophisticated engineering and design, not to mention the unique comfort offered by its independent front suspension, the Drive² EFI leads the field in golf car evolution. That’s why it’s such a firm favourite with players and course operators around the world.



Drive 2 EFI

EFI White



  • Clean, quiet and economical EFI engine
  • Sleek new body style and bold new colours
  • Spacious automotive style dash with extra storage
  • Best in class occupancy space and legroom
  • Luxurious independent rear suspension
  • Tru-Trak II independent front suspension
  • Light and strong HybriCore chassis
  • Maintenance free rack-and-pinion steering
  • Low maintenance filterless oil system
  • Largest contoured seat in the industry
  • Premium tread tyres
  • Large bag well and sweater basket

RRP €5,800+VAT

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