Introducing the All New Yamaha UMX2

Whether you run a large scale commercial venue or a small estate management operation, the Yamaha UMX is just about to make every working day much more productive and stress-free.

⇒ Choice of 400cc petrol or 5.0 kW electric power
⇒ Roof and front window fitted as standard
⇒ 362 kg bed capacity (41″ long x 46″ wide x 12″ high)
⇒ 544 kg towing capacity
⇒ Wide tyres for on and off road use
⇒ 29-litre front storage box with one-touch opening
⇒ Top Speed 19.5 mph (31.4 km/h)
⇒ 20L fuel capacity

Price :
PETROL EFI  €9,895 + VAT
AC BATTERY €10,995 + VAT

Designed to handle an array of tasks in commercial, industrial, agricultural and leisure environments.

Available in both 400cc petrol and 5.0kW electric versions, the new Yamaha UMX is the answer that many industry professionals have been waiting for. UMX is a strong, stylish and compact utility vehicle that is equipped to transport two people and their cargo quickly and effortlessly around farms, parks, factories and airports.

Its rugged design enables the UMX to be driven over a variety of road and non-extreme off-road terrain to give access to all areas, both indoor and outside – and the smart suspension and two separate seats ensure a comfortable and confident ride.


Featuring a large rear cargo bed and a spacious front storage compartment, this easy-to-operate utility vehicle is the quick and efficient way to transport equipment or supplies wherever they’re needed. With a choice of a powerful petrol engine or a silent electric motor, this compact workhorse can access just about every location in parks, resorts, airports, factories and more.

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