Off Road

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The beloved Polaris Ranger RZR 900 renews its look to continue to amaze and amuse children around the world. It is the detailed reproduction of the popular Polaris RZR 900, the famous American Jeep. Polaris Ranger RZR 900 is electric, has a 12 Volt rechargeable battery that powers two engines, 230W each,allowing your child to easily tackle climbs with a slope of up to 17% and to overcome the most rugged terrains, potholes, bumps and tree roots. Sheer fun for children age 3 years and up who are curious and love riding and coming up with new adventures.


Polaris Outlaw

Dynamic, sporty, ideal on any terrain.
The exact reproduction of the original quad from the famous American company, Polaris. Perfect down to every tiny detail, it reproduces the shape and design of the originals. Polaris Outlaw is the electric quad that functions with a 12 V rechargeable battery for children from 3 years upwards who long for adventure.


John Deere Gator

Faithful reproduction of the John Deere Gator HPX.
One of the original Peg Perego models in the grand John Deere family, a faithful reproduction of the HPX made by the famous American producer. The electric utility vehicle with 12 volt rechargeable battery is decorated with the unmistakable green and yellow colours that make it unique and recognizable worldwide. John Deere Gator HPX is for those children aged 3 years and over who seek astonishing adventures. John Deere Gator HPX travels on all terrain, even the most uneven and can face inclines of up to 17%.


Gaucho Rock’in

The Peg Perego off-road icon that’s ahead of the rest.
Gaucho Rock’in is the 2-seater electric off-road vehicle for adventurous children aged 3 and upwards. Its 12 Volt rechargeable battery powers two 240W engines and the concealed mechanics guarantees extreme stability. It powers everywhere, over roads, grass, uneven ground, mountain tracks and even sand thanks to the powerful suspension on the rear wheels that makes driving easy and the two forward moving and rear gears. Agile and easy to use, Gaucho Rock’in has been built to last like all Peg Perego products. The use of high quality materials guarantees long life as well as extreme safety.


Polaris Ranger RZR 24V

When adventure gets tough, the tough start playing!
Renovated in the colors Polaris Ranger RZR is the powerful electric off-road vehicle for adventurous children aged 6 upwards. Lively and dynamic, Polaris Ranger RZR easily deals with the most inaccessible slopes and the most challenging tracks. Operating with a 24 Volt rechargeable battery, it is practical, manageable and easy to use with a solid and robust body for adventures without limit.



2 seater, 24 Volt , lithium battery and with large cargo capacity. Now that’s what I call playing!

Inspired by the original Gator HPX of the famous U.S. manufacturer John Deere, Gator 6×4, with its powerful 4 wheel drive, is a very special toy. Decorated with the unmistakable colours of John Deere, Gator HPX 6×4 is the electric utility vehicle with 6 wheels and 24 Volt, 13Ah rechargeable lithium battery.

A true force of nature, the John Deere Gator HPX 6×4 travels on all surfaces, even the most rugged and can tackle differences in elevation with a slope of up to 17%. Its cabin with 2 seats is dedicated to children aged 3 and over who like playing a lot in the company of friends.


Gaucho Superpower 24V

Powerful and fast, it knows no obstacles!
Beautiful, powerful, manageable and super resistant! Gaucho Superpower has all that you could ask from an off-road vehicle. The electric off-road vehicle created for imaginative children aged 6 years and upwards who love adventures. The cog steeringoffers precise and safe steering, quality that only Gaucho can provide. The compartment is large and comfortable to encourage long term use. It functions with a 24 Volt rechargeable battery that moves two roaring 340W engines.