Yamaha ATV & Quad Frame Number Location

When ordering parts for your Yamaha Big Bear, Grizzly, Bruin etc, there are two methods which can be used to help identify your machine.

Method 1:
VIN Number

Locating Your Yamaha ATV’s VIN or Chassis Number

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your Yamaha ATV is a unique number used to identify your vehicle. It is stamped on the frame of your Quad.

It is important to provide the correct VIN as Yamaha Quads purchased in Ireland or the United Kingdom (UK) or EU may not be the same as the equivalent machines made for the US market.

Location: Always on the left side lower frame rail between the A-Arm Mounts and Engine (Sometimes hidden by Mudguard/Plastics). All Terrain Tech Tip: Use a Rag to clean, flash light and possibly wire brush.

Important: The number will be 17 Digits.

Example: JY4AJ01W6WA007458

Method 2:
Model Number

Locating Your Yamaha ATV’s Model Number

This number can be found by removing the seat of your ATV. The model label information is printed on a white sticker and used to identify your specific model and it’s colour code. It can also be used for ordering spare parts as an alternative to the VIN.

Location: On a small white sticker close to the air box (visible only be removing the seat)

Important: The model code will be 4 Digits, product code 3 Digits, and Colour code 1 Digit.

Example: 2UD2 010 B

Parts Diagrams

Use the Yamaha parts search tool to enter either your VIN or Model Number and find your vehicle’s year, model and more. Click here to use the tool.

Example VIN & Model No Locations

Use this as a general
guide for all ATVs

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