Farmers Weekly 2021 UTV Review

Polaris Ranger versus John Deere Gator versus Kubota RTV Utility Vehicles

Polaris Ranger V john John Deere Gator
Which diesel Utility Vehicle is right for you?

Check out what Farmers Weekly has to say when they compare the top UK & Irish competing Diesel Utility Vehicle models.

Each Model was put through a series of trials on a Shropshire farm to simulate the sort of daily chores these machines are expected to carry out.

Models on Test:

  1. Polaris Ranger Diesel

2. Kubota RTV-X 1100

3. John Deere Gator XUV 865R

4. Corvus Terrain DX4

Can’t decide between a Gator or a Ranger? Narrowed it down to a Polaris Ranger or Kubota RTV? Or just have no idea what to look for? Then this article will help you get to know the likes and gripes of each model. Below you will find a PDF copy of the full article for download.

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